Rumour Mill: PS4 Neo to be revealed next month!

PS4 neo

E3 came and went and it’s a good thing that Sony told us beforehand that they would not be revealing any information on the PS4 Neo. It meant that there were no expectations and when they didn’t reveal it there should have been no disappointment.

Microsoft did reveal their Project Scorpio though and since then there have been many rumours and speculations regarding Sony’s upcoming console upgrade. There is still nothing about it officially confirmed, but if Gameblog (Thanks Gamesradar!) is to be believed this could all change come the start of September when Sony are supposedly to host an event in New York on the 7th.

It’s all just rumours for now, but given TGS is around the corner it seems a big possibility that it could be announced and with PS VR releasing in October it would be the perfect time to reveal it and then possibly launch the console alongside the Virtual Reality system at the same time.

Hopefully all will be confirmed soon, but for now let us know if you would be on board to buy the upgrade PS4 console, or if you are hanging onto your money until a later time.

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