Rumour: Starcraft HD could be a reality

starcraft hd
Is one of the most popular E-Sports titles getting an HD remaster? Well take this as a rumour for now but according to multiple sources one of the best RTS titles of all time, StarCraft, is getting re-released and is said to contain the same gameplay as the original along with an improved resolution and UI. The StarCraft 2 World Championship Series finale is taking place in September and according to the leaks Blizzard might announce the HD version of StarCraft then. Blizzcon is also not too far off so we could even see the reveal there alongside other titles we are crossing our fingers for, like Diablo 4.

As it stands today StarCraft is still one of the most played games in internet cafes in Korea, so an HD version should be very well received. There have also been rumours of an HD version of Warcraft in the works but Blizzard has not commented on either the Warcraft or StarCraft rumours. Take it as just that for now, a rumour *crosses fingers*.


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