Honesty Hour – I have never played Borderlands


Hello haters and welcome to the honesty hour. Following up the success of outing myself for not playing Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Bioshock and Deus Ex [Ed – Jarred, why are you doing this to me?] I thought I would discuss another game that I have not played, which most people seem to absolutely love. That game is Boredomlands Borderlands.

I must admit upfront that, like with Bioshock and Red Dead, I have actually played it just a little bit. Enough to believe that it was crazy boring and had no place in my library. I am not sure if it was the cell-shaded graphics, the donkey humour or just the general gameplay but Borderlands just didn’t fit for me.

I, admittedly again, did not play for very long, and possibly should have given it more time. After all, it’s a similar idea to Destiny right? Well there’s just nothing about the game that makes me think I should play it more and when people tell me it’s great with friends I first think of that awful game Inversion, which was also better in co-op, but that didn’t mask the horrible gaming experience that it was.


NO, I am definitely NOT saying Borderlands is like Inversion *spits*. I think I get why people enjoy Borderlands, and I am sure with the right crew it can be fun, but I doubt I will be playing it anytime soon. I do find it interesting that Battleborn is a very similar looking game which has failed miserably for a lot of the reasons that Borderlands doesn’t appeal to me.

Anyway, each to their own and I am not slamming anyone who loves the game, it’s just not something I have really bothered with. Care to share your angry response? Let me have it!

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