Rumour: New Splinter Cell in development – Michael Ironside to return as Sam Fisher


It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Splinter Cell series, but hearing about a rumoured Splinter Cell game in development is not exactly unexpected.

The information about the game in development was leaked via a post on NeoGAF by a poster, who claims to have inside info from Ubisoft:

[quote] Ok so as some on this forum would know based on my post history, I have pretty reliable contacts about projects and stuff at Ubi. One of them dropped some WD2 and ACS info earlier in the year that the Nirolak can vouch for. This source informed me that there is a new Splinter Cell game in development, with Ironside recast as Sam Fisher. [/quote]

This is just a rumour though, and because of that, you should have a shovel of salt at the ready. But it seems that this guy has been right about Ubisoft leaks in the past. Having Michael Ironside back for the gravelly voice of Sam Fisher will also be great. It seems the game is still in early development, but I’m sure we will learn a bit more near the end of the year.

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