Satoru Iwata provided Pokémon Go advice while on his deathbed


Last year was a really tough year if you were a hardcore Nintendo fan. The surprising death of Satoru Iwata shattered the hearts of many gamers around the globe. He was the man who famously said the following at a GDC conference: “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” There’s never been anyone quite like him and there’ll likely never be anyone in the industry that matches his pure passion for the games industry. Now news has come through explaining this passion of his.

Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon and while it’s not actually Nintendo who takes the credit for it, as it was Niantic who worked on the game, they definitely had some form of magic involved. That magic came from no other than Satoru Iwata. It has now come to light that he was still giving advice while in the hospital just before he passed away. In June 2015, a month before he passed away, he underwent an operation and thereafter said, “I still have unfinished business.” That included Pokémon Go.

Will we ever see someone like this man in the games industry again? Very likely not. If only he could see the success of Pokémon Go.


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