Gamescom: Gears of War 4 receives a gameplay trailer in glorious 4K


First off, if you can watch a 4K video on YouTube on a 4K monitor in this country, then can you please come down from your mansion and maybe give some money to the impoverished or to me to buy No Man’s SkyGears of War 4 is the long awaited instalment of the Gears of War franchise for the current generation. However, it’s also going to be on PC thanks to Microsoft’s new Xbox Anywhere program. And of course, if it can run on a PC, it can run on insane levels.

That’s why this gameplay trailer for Gears of War 4 can be viewed in 4K. However, I tried it for like 5 seconds before my laptop starting catching fire and my router nearly contacted its union. But the game is looking good, even in 1080p that I had to view it in. However, I’ve noticed how many of the gameplay mechanics are eerily similar to the previous games. The new Swarm enemies have “nests” instead of emergence holes, there’s an enemy that looks and acts exactly like a Wretch and the grunts are very similar to the Locusts. This just gave me a little pause for thought. Check out the trailer below:

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