Praise the Sun! Some major Dark Souls news is incoming

darksoulsiii announce

Dark Souls fans have been waiting patiently for any news of DLC or expansions for the latest game in the series, Dark Souls III. As it turns out, we won’t have to wait that much longer, since From Software just let us know that a major announcement regarding DS III will be made on 24 August.

We’re not sure yet, but there is a lot of speculation and hope that this could be the first of the two DLC’s hinted at earlier this year. There’s not much more news given regarding this announcement, so for now we’ll sit and wait with bated breath. As long as we don’t get another Dark Souls III themed merchandise announcement, which didn’t go down very well last time. I doubt the dedicated Dark Souls community will be as forgiving a second time round. Hoodies and tees can only be seen as a major announcement once… or not even.

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