Gamescom: Experience some more Wang in this Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay


The reimagining of Shadow Warrior in 2013 was a gentle reminder to how awesome and fun first-person shooters were in the old days. They were fast, frantic and didn’t take themselves to seriously. Shadow Warrior had its own silly style of absurdist humour and still had all the mechanics of an old school first-person shooter. People loved it so much that they decided to make a sequel for the game. And it’s looking to be explosive.

IGN have done a demo of the game and within it you can see that they are still very much adhering to the old school first-person shooting methods while bringing in some modern flare. There’s a ton more weapons to choose from and you can blitz around the arena slaying demons at your heart’s content. Of course, Wang is also still there to deliver his cheesy one-liners. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Check out the trailer below:

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