Fez received its last update, 4 years after release


Fez is a tragic bittersweet triumph. If that sentence confuses you, then I’ve done my job well. Fez has been a conundrum of a game. It was announced way back in 2007, won an indie award and became a media darling, took 5 years to develop and when it finally released, it was really good. Possibly one of the best modern platformers of the last decade. Within all of this and after the release of the game, its creator, Phil Fish, has been at the forefront of so many controversies it would make your head spin. He would say all manner of things on Twitter and get in violent fights with people seemingly out of nowhere. He was like the Kanye West of the indie scene with just as big of an ego.

But the game was solid and many people loved it. Its development became a subject for the fantastic Indie Game: The Movie and everything seemed to be working out for the two-man team. However, Phil Fish continued his crusade, selling the rights to the game out of a whim, quitting the internet about 30 times and then cancelling the much anticipated sequel. It has been a long and tiring journey for the game that has taken so long to realise. And after 9 years of pain, excitement and misery, it is receiving its final update.

Programmer and other half of the team for Fez, Renaud Bédard, along with some assistants, developed the 1.12 patch for the game. It includes relatively minor fixes such as unified code between Mac and PC versions, resolution fixes and music fixes. I guess the update would improve the lives of the small community still playing the game, particularly speedrunners. Of course, more and more people will discover the game as time goes on.

But Bédard has stated that this is the last that he is working on Fez. He has other jobs, family responsibilities and he is sort of sick of it. You cannot blame the man. It’s the last sigh of this already exasperated game. But if you haven’t played it yet, you should do so. I hear they recently updated it.

Source: Kotaku

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