NBA 2K17 gains some “Friction” in new trailer


I have said it over and over again that 2K’s NBA series is by far the best sporting franchise on the current gen of consoles (and possibly previous gen too). It deals out insane realism, unrivaled gameplay and polish in just about every single aspect of the game. There’s a reason it sells so well and that reason looks like it will be maintained this year too.

NBA 2K17 releases on September 16th and with under a month to go until the launch day 2K have started rolling out some trailers to get the hype going. The latest trailer, called “Friction”, gives a great look at some of the stars of the game in the 2K series and of course a little taste of the awesome soundtrack. If this video is anything to go by NBA 2K17 is going to be yet another massive success in the sport games genre.

Even if you don’t care for basketball you should watch the trailer just to marvel at the insane visuals the game is capable of. Enjoy!

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