Honesty Hour – I have NEVER played Dead Space (and new Honesty Hour rules)


I haven’t done an Honesty Hour post in a while, and thought why not. However, a few things have changed since I did the last one. After a discussion with some on the site and forum there were some suggestions, as follows:

  1. If I have played a game for a little bit, to change the title to say I haven’t played “much” of the game, just so that I am more clear and that it doesn’t seem clickbaity.
  2. That I add to the Honesty Hour feature with a post further down the line where I go back and play the games I talk about to see if they live up to expectations. So that is what I will be doing for the games previously mentioned (and today). So look out for those posts!

As for today’s Honesty Hour, as the title suggests, I have absolutely never played Dead Space 1, 2 or 3 [Ed – *cries*]. Not even for a second. In fact, the trailers are so creepy that I have barely managed to watch any of those. Yes, I am scared of horror, creepy, freaky games that have all types of creatures coming at me. Dark rooms filled with nothing but the possibility of a monster jumping out at me and making me wish I had my blanky from when I was 3 years old.

It’s actually a bit of a pity, I used to love horror survival type games, especially psychological ones because they usually offered the best stories, but since around the time of Silent Hill 2 I just haven’t been able to play them. Dead Space falls into that category, so much so that I just haven’t managed to even see what the game is like, not even the intro. Nothing.

When I make a plan to get through the games in Honesty Hour, I have no doubt that Dead Space will prove the most difficult given its nature. Maybe I will get someone to come sit with me while I play.

But what is it about the game that everyone seems to love so much? Will that be enough to push me through? I love the idea behind the story of the game, and the action bits look awesome, but I am not sure I can manage my heart rate at that level. I guess time will tell.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Dead Space. Have you played it? Loved it? Hated it?

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