No Man’s Sky players base decreases by almost 90% after two weeks

No mans sky player base
Two weeks ago No Man’s Sky released and so far it has had the biggest launch on Steam this year. Around 212,620 people were playing it simultaneously on launch day, which is very impressive, but sadly that number has decreased by 88% in just under two weeks. Well that is a very big drop especially in only two weeks. Most big games see a similar drop in player base albeit only after the first month or so, such as Fallout 4 which dropped by 74 percent, Doom fell by 85 percent, Battleborn slid by 82 percent, Stellaris dropped by 82 percent, even The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt dropped by 71% after it’s first month. It does happen, but not quite as sporadically.

This drop is purely on Steam so it has nothing to do with how the player base is doing on console. For a game that promises almost endless gameplay it is interesting to see people lose interest after just a few days. Are you guys still playing No Man’s Sky? Are you happy with the final product?


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