Rumour: Pokémon GO future updates might include trading & new items

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Data miners are at it again. In a recent reddit post a user posted their findings on code built into the mobile game Pokémon GO. What they found is quite intriguing and although Pokémon GO numbers are dropping daily, there are definitely players out there just waiting patiently for these type of updates. However, I’d like to remind everyone that with every rumour on the internet it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt.

Let’s have a look at what the reddit user cokuspokus found.
First off we see a list relating to the incense items. These items relate to attracting specific typing of Pokémon. I don’t really think this will be very useful unless of course you’re hunting for a specific Pokémon, like Charmander for instance, but this obviously still won’t guarantee the find.

Item_incense_spicy <-incense that attracts only fire
Item_incense_cool <-incense to attract ice or maybe water
Item_incense_floral <-incense to attract grass or bug type etc

Next up we see a list mentioning forts. There’s not much here we don’t know as it is claimed at the end of the post that Forts are PokéGyms and PokéStops. However I’d like to point out the bit about “Fort_recall..”. Once you’ve beaten a gym there is a scramble to add your Pokémon as quickly as possible before getting sniped by an opposing team. Occasionally through the scramble you’ve probably added a Pokémon that you need to battle the next gym, so if Niantic updates the game with the ability to retrieve your Pokémon from a gym, that’s going to make your live easier as a trainer.

Fort_deploy_pokemon <- this suggests that forts will let you place Pokémon, just like with gyms.
Fort_recall_pokemon <- this is interesting to me. You can’t manually bring Pokémon in gyms back to you, but this seems to suggest that with forts, you can.
Start_gym_battle <- this is gym battling, mentioned specifically as gym. Not a fort.. interesting

Finally and possibly the most exciting bit is the part of the reddit post that refers to trading. A lot of trainers have been waiting for the announcement on this update and although we still do not know when this will happen, it’s certain that it will even without this reddit post.

Also, trading seems to be in the game, there’s just no way to actually activate it right now:
Trade_search <- you can search for people looking to trade?
Trade_offer <- offer a trade to someone that wants to trade?
Trade_response <- when you offer a trade, they respond with whether or not they will go through with it?
Trade_result <- after an interaction, what happens, who gets what

The reddit post also refers to a little bit of code relating to the capturing of legendary Pokémon so be sure to check it out, but like I mentioned before, please take this all with a pinch of salt.

Source: ibtimes

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