Video: Check out For Honor’s epic-looking Dominion mode

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With every video that comes out For Honor looks better and better. I managed to get hands on with the game at E3 last year and I can tell you now it is lots of fun. The game has since introduced plenty of new features. We have seen the campaign in action and now we get to take a look at the Dominion mode. The mode is basically a ticket game where it is 4v4 and you have to control territory while teams battle AI and other players to keep their positions. Luckily someone uploaded a very meaty 11-minute video of the new mode where you can see a Samurai take to the battlefield and do what the Samurai do best.

For Honor will have five multiplayer modes and 12 different customisable characters when it launches in Feb next year. I for one am very excited to be trading out an assault rifle for a broad sword in what looks to be one of the most interesting games to launch in 2017.

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