Battlefield 1 Open Beta is now live


We have had a lot of interesting First-Person Shooter sets in all kinds of time periods. But until now, we haven’t really had a shooter set in the war that started it all… in terms of shooting guns at each other that is. That is about to change, with the release of Battlefield 1 just around the corner.

If you’re really interested in giving it a bash before release however, then now is your chance, since the Open Beta has gone live and is available for download on all available platforms. One map, Sinai Desert, and two modes, Conquest and Rush will be available during the Beta.

Unfortunately, we cannot say how long the Beta will be, as it seems that Dice isn’t saying, but I think it might be a safe bet to assume the weekend will be included in the Beta test.

Battlefield 1 is expected to release on 21 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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