Games Releasing in September – With Predictions


It’s that time again, where I give you a list of games releasing in the new month and lay my life on the line (not really) by giving predictions. I was a bit hit and miss in August, but not totally upset with my attempts. Hopefully September will be better. Here’s what you should be keeping an eye on this month:

Earthlok: Festival of Magic (1 September – All Platforms): I admittedly don’t know too much about this one, except that it is free on GwG. It looks like an old school JRPG type game, but how good it will be we will have to wait and see. Not expecting much considering it’s launching for free. A mighty 6.5/10 for this one.

Just Sing (6 September – XBO, PS4): I know Dawid loves these games so I am scared to bash it too much, but a new karaoke based game from the same guys that give us Just Dance can only be pure win right? Dawid will be rocking to a solid 7/10 here. [Ed – Jarred, I will klap you]

The Tomorrow Children (6 September – PS4): I had the good fortune of playing the Alpha version of The Tomorrow Children and was blown away, especially with how the game draws you in and leaves you playing for hours before even realising it. Definitely a niche title, and with the news that it will be free-to-play, it will definitely satiate some who didn’t quite get what they wanted out of No Man’s Sky. Expecting a fine 8/10 on this one.

Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice (8 September – 3DS): Phoenix Wright, to date, is still my favourite DS franchise of all time. Playing through the original trilogy was so fresh, interesting and just great fun. The games since then have followed the same formula and continue to impress. I am sure Spirit of Justice will do the franchise proud. No objections! expected, but a standard 8.5/10 I would think.

LEGO Dimensions (9 September – PS4, XBO, Wii U): A long while after its initial release, LEGO Dimensions is finally hitting our market. It’s a collectible toy platformer set in the LEGO world and I am already wondering where to hide my wallet so I can stay far away from it. No need for predictions here, it’s sitting at the 8/10 mark on Metacritic.

Dead Rising 1, 2, triple pack (13 September – PS4, XBO): With the build-up to Dead Rising 4 releasing later this year, Capcom are re-releasing the original games first with Dead Rising 1, 2 and Off the Record being remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a great way to give the games a go if you are planning to pick up the new one, or if you just missed out originally. If I am honest, I don’t think these games would have aged too well, so predicting a 7/10.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (13 September – PS4, XBO, PC): Ah, our beloved Pac-Man returning once more and this time in Championship Edition 2. The first Championship Edition was much loved and caused many an addiction so I am sure there will be a similar love for part 2. Not sure it will reach the 9/10 mark like its predecessor but hopefully a 8.5/10 kinda game.

The Witness (13 September – XBO): The Witness released to great praise earlier this year when it came out on PS4. The exact same game (no differences at all) is now heading to Xbox One this month. It’s full of puzzles and will definitely hurt your head, but in a good way. No surprises here, it’s at the 8.7/10 mark on Metacritic.

NHL 17 (15 September – PS4, XBO): NHL of course doesn’t sell that well here in South Africa, but those that do play it always enjoy it. It’s a great game every year and no doubt NHL 17 will be the same quality expected. Lots of fun if you are willing to give it a try, especially on multiplayer. NHL will skate to around the 8/10 mark as usual.

PES 2017 (15 September – PS4, XBO, PC, PS3, X360): The King of Football returns after regaining its crown last year, and if the demo is anything to go by we are in for a hell of a treat. With MyClub proving its brilliance last year, new licenses, animations and that Fox Engine I am sure PES will impress once more. A kicking 9/10 for this one.

Bioshock Collection (16 September – PS4, XBO, PC): One of my Honesty Hour posts was admitting to having not played more than an hour of Bioshock 1. It’s a game, and franchise, that is much revered for its atmosphere and storylines. I have no doubt that the remastered collection will be a faithful representation of the original games but I am not sure it will hit the heights it did originally. Still a solid package and predicting a tidy 8/10 for it.

Recore (16 September – XBO, PC): Recore is certainly an interesting one. The first trailer wowed us all, but then it went very quiet. There was a very odd presentation on it at E3 this year, and by presentation I mean a random video of it in the middle of the other presentations. Still, it is from Keiji Inafune and the Rare team so there’s lots of hope that it will turn out as a bit of a gem. Tough one to call, but I am going with a 7.5/10.

Dragon Quest VII (16 September – 3DS): I have not played a Dragon’s Quest game previously but I have heard nothing but good things about them. Dragon Quest VII is a remake of the game that released originally on the PlayStation and then later on the DS. The 3DS remake looks to expand on the original and provide the ultimate Dragon Quest VII experience, or so we are told. Can’t see it getting much higher than the original 7.8/10 (or thereabout).

NBA 2K17 (20 September – PS4, XBO, PC, PS3, X360): The number one sport sim returns and is looking even better than before. It seems that no awkward story mode will be included this time around, but at least we get the same great gameplay and visual aspects. NBA always delivers and I have no doubt that 2K17 will do the same. Expecting a slamming 9/10 for NBA.

Forza Horizon 3 (27 September – XBO, PC): You drive cars, again. Just kidding! The Forza Horizon series is easily one of the best in the racing game genre. FH2 was incredibly accessible and definitely one of my favourite racing games in recent times, though I really should have played more of it than I did. It’s insanely beautiful to boot and Forza Horizon 3 will definitely follow that trend. This one is going to wow, and I think a 9/10 is the minimum it will get.

FIFA 17 (29 September – PS4, XBO, PC, PS3, X360): FIFA 16 lost a bit in its ratings last year, though it still did pretty well and was a more than solid footie sim. However, with PES making massive strides, EA will have a lot to do to convince the purists that it is the game to go for. FIFA will always be massive considering its licensing and Ultimate Team appeal, but it’s the Frostbite engine introduction that could really sway things back in their favour. Hopefully that AI is sorted out. On the fence with this, but I think it will reach the 8.5/10 mark at the very least.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (30 September – 3DS): I think we all know how this one is going. The recent Sonic games have not lived up to any kind of expectation or standard, and I am sad to say that the latest in the Sonic Boom franchise is probably going to head the same way. Not a very promising prediction of 5/10 for Sonic and co.

XCOM 2 (30 September – PS4, XBO): It was only a matter of time before the PC ‘only’ XCOM 2 released on consoles, especially after the success of the first game. The tactical turn-based action game was praised earlier this year in nearly every department, and soon console gamers will be able to join the fight. Doubt it will be too different from the 8.8/10 on Metacritic that the PC game got.

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