Hitman to get psychical release at the end of January


The newest entry into the Hitman series is a bit odd in the sense that Square Enix and IO Interactive decided to go the episodic route. While I’m not a fan of the formula for the series, I will be the first to admit that things are picking up from Episode 4. With that in mind, some fans who have been waiting for the full release, will be pleased to know the exact date for the physical release will be on 31 January 2017.

Console versions are releasing for the usual $60 price mark, while PC gamers will get it for $50. The physical edition of the copy will include all the episodes, the soundtrack of the game, a “making of” documentary, and it will come packaged in a steelbook case. There will also be a Blood Money themed DLC included, and PS4 gamers will be getting an exclusive mission (yay) called “The Sarajevo Six”.

It looks to be a pretty decent package, so if you’ve been keen to give it a bash, but like me, not a fan of the episodic thing, then January might be looking pretty bright for you.

Source: Destructoid

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