Shadow Warrior 2 gets a release date, will skip consoles this year


Shadow Warrior 2 has been one of my low-key anticipated games of this year. It’s not so important that I will dye my hair and make a YouTube channel for it, but I’m pretty excited to experience some absolute mayhem and kill some demon scum after I’ve had a good fill of it playing DOOM. Also, we all need some laughs in our lives. But since I’m not part of the Master Race, I won’t get to experience the majesty of Wang just yet.

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver have given the game a solid release date: 13th of October. However, this is just for the PC version that will release at $40 for the standard edition and $50 for the digital deluxe edition that includes skins, a digital book and a soundtrack. All fine and well, but what about the console versions?

They will be released next year. Early next year is the exact response. Which is sort of fine because that period is dead anyway and October is already filled to the brim with great games.

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