Video: For Honor details the Kensei, Warden and Raider


In a world that’s made up of sequels and remastered games it’s truly a fresh breath of air to see something as unique as For Honor to come out of the Ubisoft development studios. We’re promised that we’ll be taken back to ancient times where warriors fought each other via close combat and that the fights will be tough and brutal.

Ubisoft have now released the three below videos that introduces you to the Kensei, Warden and Raider. Each class comes with it’s own unique style. The Kensei has one objective – victory; the Warden is the master of the long sword and they fight for what is right and the Raider is a Viking that’s ruthless, fearless and made for battle. You’ll have to choose your class wisely when the Alpha launches next week on 15 September. If you’d like to take part in the Alpha you can sign up for it here.

For now you can watch the three below videos showing off the three classes and start making up your mind which one you’ll side with:

For Honor launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 14 February 2017 (that’s right, the perfect Valentine’s gift to yourself).

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