Pokémon GO to be released on the Apple Watch

Pokemon GO

In 22 days Pokémon GO Plus, the much waited for (by a small group of Pokémon fans here in South Africa) device that will allow you to catch Pokémon and gain items from Pokéstops, will be released. The 30th of September to be exact. With this release many South African’s who have not yet jumped into the world of Pokémon GO are hoping for a local release of the game.

Now we all know by now that Pokémon GO is a game that has players walking around catching Pokémon in an augmented reality world. Unfortunately to play the game you’ll have to have the mobile app running all the time, and this can be frustrating and usually tends to drain the battery life from your phone in half the time it normally does. The Pokémon GO Plus was created to assist in this by allowing the players to have the device connected via bluetooth to your phone and have you catching Pokémon and hitting up those Pokéstops for items without even pulling out your phone. Although this sounds dreamy for Pokémon GO players I will admit that the price on the device is a little steep for its limited capabilities. That’s where the Apple Watch comes into play, sort of. It was announced yesterday that the Apple Watch will be getting the Pokémon GO app. Now the Apple Watch is severely more expensive than the Pokémon GO Plus, however the fact that it’s coming to the Watch is great news for those who already own the device and was planning to get the Pokémon GO Plus.

Although limited in functionality just as the Pokémon GO Plus, the Watch will allow players to hatch eggs, see nearby Pokémon and alert you on wild Pokémon appearing. The app will also allow players to collect items at Pokéstops.

Check out the video below showing off the features coming to the Apple Watch.

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