A NES and SEGA Mega Drive emulator might be heading to Xbox One this weekend


Emulators on PC is something that’s as common as breathing these days, but when it comes to consoles providing a method to play older emulated roms there was always something sneaky involved to make it work. Now it seems that Nesbox, an emulator, might officially be available for download on the Xbox One.

This has come via a tweet as the application has officially been certified by Microsoft and might go live by this weekend. That means you’ll be able to download Roms (basically a digital version of older games that comes in at a few KB or MB, for those who never used Roms), copy it to a USB and read it from the USB drive to play on the Xbox One.

We honestly can’t see this being up for too long before Nintendo and SEGA come knocking on the door and shutdown their plans. For now there’s a chance that you can play classic Nintendo and SEGA games on your Xbox One for free as even the app will be free.

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