For Honor shows off three new classes: Berserker, Orochi and Conqueror


For Honor grabbed my attention at E3 when I finally got some hands-on time with the game. It plays so well, the combat system so intuitive that I can’t believe that it hasn’t become the standard controller layout for any game involving melee weapons.

Three of the new classes now have trailers to show off their moves and give you an idea of where they will fit into the game. All three of these classes will be in the upcoming alpha of For Honor, along with three others.

We start with the Viking Berserker, a fearless dual-wielding brute:

Then we have the Orochi for the Samurai faction. Masters of the katana, these soldiers are about fast but strong attacks. They also have a little bit of ninja influence to them.

Then the Conqueror enters the field. A Knight with spiked flail and shield, these soldiers are bulwarks, a moving fortress. If you like being defensive, this will be a good class for you.

I am off to take my sword off the wall and go practice in the yard.

Source: Dual Shockers

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