The FIFA 17 Demo is LIVE


PES 2017 has released and has received nothing but praise. However, as always there are many still on the fence and waiting to try out the new FIFA before deciding. The good news for those people is that the FIFA 17 demo is currently available for download on all platforms right now at a whopping 8Gb on the current gen consoles.

FIFA 17‘s new mode, The Journey, does feature in the demo. The story mode has definitely caught the attention of many, and just how it plays out will be interesting. The only AWFUL thing is that you have to play as Man United in the demo. YUK.

The demo has 12 teams included with all their licensing intact. They include Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter, PSG, Lyon, Seattle Sounders, Bayern, Tigres and Gamba Osaka. Some tasty teams to pick from there, especially with Pep at City.

If you download it let us know what you think, and if you played the PES demo let us know how it compares.

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