Sony laid off members involved in its VR projects


VR has been the next big “thing” in gaming for a while now, even if its high price point and significant barrier of entry has stifled wide-spread use of the new technology. Sony is on the forefront of bringing this new tech to a wider audience with their PSVR that will allow their huge user base to experience VR in a somewhat affordable manner. They have a bunch of developers in charge of developing software for the new technology and it seems that they are going through some “restructuring”.

Sony have laid off a bunch of staff within their London Studios, who have been responsible for the PSVR game, London Heist, amongst various other projects they have done over their 15-year lifespan. Similarly, they have also laid off staff in their San Diego Studios, the developers behind MLB: The Show. Sony have stated that these layoffs are because of restructuring within these studios and not because of any other more worrying factors. Here is what they had to say about the layoffs in London Studios:

[quote]London Studio have done a great job in leading the way in VR development, and as their first project nears completion it is time to plan for the next VR project. The team will take all their learnings and experience as they move forward, however in order to achieve its ambitious goals, the Studio will need to restructure around the needs of the new projects. Unfortunately, there will be a number of compulsory redundancies within the London Studio. We accept that this will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff whose projects have reached completion and where possible, we will try to reallocate people to new projects currently being nurtured.[/quote]

The news isn’t as bad as one might initially think as these layoffs are simply the result of some restructuring, but it still sucks that a number of talented people will be left without work for the foreseeable future. It’s at least a relief that these layoffs aren’t the result of some dire circumstances within their studios. We wish those affected the best of luck in their future endeavours.



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