Budgeting: How do you manage it with your games?


Gaming is, as we all know, a very expensive hobby. Never mind the cost of a new console and/or PC, the extra cost (first world problem) of wanting more than one platform and most of all the cost of games. Games are the real struggle as our Rand continues to weaken and it’s almost at a point where the cost of a single game is higher than it has ever been (I remember paying almost R1k for Unreal Tournament ages ago on the PS2).

It goes without saying that we have to be a bit smarter in terms of purchasing, we can no longer buy all the games we want (well I can’t anyway) and so we have learnt to (try) ignore some of the hype, wait for reviews and of course wait for sales. It definitely does help that games almost always get put up on sale and can be bought at a cheaper price, even if that cheaper price used to be the standard price in the ‘good old days’.

It got me thinking as to how my purchasing habits have changed over recent times. Now I am fortunate enough to get a lot of the games I play for review purposes, which helps the budgeting cause. However, I tried to think it through from a practical point of view as to how I would purchase games if I didn’t.


It quite simply came down to this. If I think of 2016, I most likely would have spent money on release day for PES 2017, FIFA 17 and NBA 2K17. That’s mostly because I have a problem and I cannot resist my sport games. It’s a condition okay, I am not in control of it. The only other game I would have spent on this year? Uncharted 4. Probably not a surprise to many.

My reasoning is that the sport games have great value for money. They don’t technically end, they are updated constantly and consistently have new content added to them which keeps them fresh. It has online and offline which means those aspects are covered, and they are great for co-op value too, depending on your friends I guess. Uncharted 4 is purely because it is as good as it gets in terms of a story game, and something has to break up the sport.

If I had to add a second tier into the mix it would definitely include Destiny (value for money) and maybe CoD because I am a sucker for those campaigns. Just about every other game out this year I probably could have waited for a sale. Not because they aren’t good, but because the value, in terms of my budgeting, just doesn’t fit into place.

Sadly, we all have limited funds. It’s not easy to pick and choose but we all do it and we all have our reasons. These are mine, probably not to the liking of many – too much sport, but they are mine nonetheless. What are yours?

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