Video: Forza Horizon 3 – PC vs. Xbox One graphics comparison


When doing a graphics comparison between a console and PC game you generally know the outcome and it can sometimes suck for console gamers, but there’s a major silver lining with this comparison. If you own both a Xbox One and PC you’ll get the game on the other format at no extra charge. For a change the below graphics comparison is a video that shows off something you can play either version on at no additional cost.

It should be said that the Xbox One really does hold up generally speaking, but of course the PC tops it when you look at lighting and shading effects as soon as you zoom in. From a distance you can see slight improvements when you look at the road, car and finer details in the background. It’s however still mind-boggling how Playground Games managed to pull off a steady frame rate with those visuals on the Xbox One.

Someone also took the time to compare Forza Horizon 3‘s graphics and sound to that of DriveClub, The Crew and Need for Speed. You can see how it shapes up to the rest of those racers below:

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