Honesty Hour – I’ve NEVER played Dishonored


Hello citizens, I trust it’s been a wonderfully productive weekend. Please step this way to hate on me for having not played a game you no doubt love. Yes, this is the post where I share some of my shameful lack of experience with games.

Since starting this feature I get asked a lot what I have actually played, truth is I have played many of the top games, but some get passed up on the way unfortunately. This post does help me manage what I still want to at least try play, and the latest in that category goes to Dishonored.

Dishonored 2 looks excellent I must admit and it has raised my interest in the series somewhat, but not as much as a friend and colleague of mine at work telling me about the first Dishonored game and how amazing it is. He was shocked that I have never played it and immediately loaned me a copy.


So no, I have not played Dishonored yet. I think it might be a similar reason to Deus Ex in that the whole first-person view mixed with stealth puts me off. BUT my tastes have changed over the years and I am willing to give pretty much any game a go.

Dishonored will be the first game out of Honesty Hour that I will go and play and report back on to see if it was worth it or if you Dishonored lovers are just plain crazy. Time will tell.

For now, let me know if you played it, loved it, hated it, couldn’t be bothered with it!

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