2016 PlayStation Experience dated


The PlayStation Experience has become somewhat of a big deal for Sony and their beloved PlayStation fans. They’ve removed themselves from Gamescom, which means we only get to hear a bit of what they’re up to at TGS, and that’s aimed at the Japanese market. That’s where the PlayStation Experience comes into play as it fits into the halfway mark of their E3 showing and makes good sense.

Every year, in December, they showcase their upcoming games for 2017 along with new game announcements. It’s also become a show that follows a trend of it being an event that teases something big for E3 the following year. In 2014, the first PlayStation Experience, they trolled us with a FFVII re-release on the PS4 and the following year at E3 they showed off FFVII Remake. Later that year in 2015 President & CEO, Shawn Layden, stepped onto the stage at the PlayStation Experience 2015 wearing a Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt. Yup, more like ‘The PlayStation Troll Experience’. Obviously this year at E3 we received news about them working with Activision to remake the old Crash Bandicoot games.

All we can say is that you should expect the unexpected when the PlayStation Experience returns on 3 and 4 December this year. Of course if you’re in America you’ll be able to attend, but for us South African’s we’ll be able to watch the live stream of the main event and panels chatting about the games at the show. Below you’ll find the announcement trailer:

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