UK Advertising Standards Authority investigating marketing of No Man’s Sky


The UK Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky after receiving several complaints about the advertising for the game. The ASA can have adverts that it finds to breach the code of conduct withdrawn, and can impose sanctions if the breaching party doesn’t comply with its rulings.

As the investigation is still on-going the ASA has provided scant details on proceedings, but has contacted both Hello Games and Valve with a list of questions regarding No Man’s Sky advertisements. One of the complainants posted responses from the ASA and complaints in a Reddit thread.

The complaints focus on screenshots and videos that detail advanced animal behaviour, large-scaled combat and ship flight behaviour that isn’t present in the launch version of the game. There are also complaints that the screenshots misrepresent the graphical quality of the game.

While the complaints are generally about the Steam version of the game, if the ASA makes any rulings it would apply to official YouTube videos and the listing on the PlayStation store.

Sony, Valve and Hello Games have yet to comment on the investigation.

Source: Eurogamer

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