Nidhogg 2 announced in this quick teaser trailer

nidhogg 2
There is a good chance none of you have ever heard of a game called Nidhogg and that’s a shame because it is an absolutely brilliant game. The first Nidhogg had 8-bit graphics and saw two swordsmen fight each other with the objective being to get to the edge of the level. It may be simple but playing it with a friend is some of the most fun you can have with a video game… and your clothes on. It looks like people enjoyed the first game so much that it is now getting a sequel with a brand new visual style.

Personally I enjoyed the very simplistic 8-bit graphics from the first game instead of the below art style. Also, the characters look like rejected naked Simpson characters that never made it to the show. Let us know if you have ever played the first Nidhogg and if you haven’t download it on PS4 today, trust me it’s worth it.



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