Video: Get your first look at the PlayStation VR being unboxed


Yes, it sucks that we still don’t exactly know when PS VR will head to South Africa, but at least we do know that it’ll ultimately end up on our shores. Things could be a lot worse than it is. That said, it still does not help with the FOMO we South African’s are all going to deal with (unless you simply can’t wait and import it at a hefty cost). The bastards crew at PlayStation Access got their hands on a PS VR unit and recorded the very first unboxing.

Yes, the box and way it’s packaged is actually quite sexy, but inside you are going to find wires… then you’ll find some more wires, and lastly more wires. So, you get that? Lots and lots of wires. Finally they’ll pull the VR headset out of the box and, well, we can already feel the FOMO set in. We are going to have to sell a kidney to get one of these babies. Anyone who needs a kidney?

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