Video: Ghost Recon: Wildlands requires you to be creative when playing in stealth


Earlier this year at E3 we saw a mission that had four players having a blast, quite literally, in Ghost Recon: Wildlands‘ co-op mode. The developers promised that there would be various ways to tackle each mission and now they’ve returned to the exact same mission and location. It’s just that you’ll be watching the below footage taking place at night, and that this time they’re taking the stealthy approach.

Seeing as it’s all about stealth each Ghost requires to be quiet and remain out of sight. Marking off each target makes it easier for the entire team to spot where the enemy is located and allows you and your team to get into place to take down a bunch of enemies. Should you be a sad Panda without any friends you’ll be glad to know that the AI will act on your instructions.

In the below particular video the first set of enemies are defeated and as your reward you get a truck to infiltrate the the enemy base. As they make it in you’ll witness one Ghost jumping off the truck to plant some C4 for an exit strategy and to create diversions, if required. To mark off more enemies a drone can be used, but it’ll also spot other important items, such as generators that’ll prohibit soldiers from calling backup, should things go wrong. All-in-all it requires all four players to work as a team and once they secure the man they’re after they make a stealthy getaway by getting the rebels to take on their enemy.

It looks like this game could be something special when played with three other human players.

Expect Ghost Recon: Wildlands at retail on 7 March 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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