Angel City is the first of the free maps coming to Titanfall 2

Angel City
Those that played the first Titanfall game will remember Angel City as one of the most popular multiplayer maps. Respawn have since learnt a few lessons, one of them being that releasing paid-for multiplayer maps split the online community severally; to the point where they had to give out all DLC for free just to keep people playing. For Titanfall 2 they are taking a different approach and giving out new maps for free such as Angel City, however if you want cosmetic changes to your pilot or weapons you will have to pay for that.

A much better model in my opinion as it won’t effect the gameplay and we all know how much people love hats. Also it looks like Respawn are listening to the community. Modes like ‘Attrition’ have been added back into the game and there have many other tweaks to the gameplay to make it feel more like the original game. Titanfall 2 is out on October 28th, and by the looks of it October want’s our wallets to take a beating, there is a massive game out every week for the next 5 weeks so make sure you freeze your wallet in a block of ice otherwise you might be eating beans on toast for awhile.


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