For Honor axes previously promised split-screen support

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The concept of split-screen co-op is dying pretty rapidly. What was once a mainstay in popular gaming is now a relic of the past since our digital revolution and the dramatic increase in graphical capability. It’s becoming much harder to scale down the impressive environments into two separate screens and the computational power of consoles just doesn’t cut it. Many developers have resorted to only offering online co-op which is technically a solution, but it’s incredibly cumbersome for people that are physically next to each other and want to play the same game.

Ubisoft’s For Honor is the latest victim in this culling of the split-screen. In the past, Ubisoft have made it increasingly apparent that split-screen co-op is “essential” to the experience, but they’ve now realised that it’s an impossibility. Here’s what they had to say:

[quote]It’s a feature that we liked and wished to deliver, but we found we can’t do it without impacting the quality of other elements that are more crucial to the For Honor experience. For Honor fans looking to play with friends will still have the option to play online co-op in the campaign and in all multiplayer modes.[/quote]

Another tragic loss, but these things are expected now in this new age of graphical innovation. Something needs to be sacrificed and it’s unfortunately one of the oldest traditions in gaming history.

Source: Destructoid

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