Could this finally be the end of the hunt for Overwatch’s Sombra?


Overwatch players have been hunting for a long time for the next hero to enter the game. Since June an ARG has had players piecing together little hints and doing their best to collectively uncover more about Sombra.

The latest bit of information isn’t people combing through videos or puzzling out the ARG, but rather is a leaked screencap of what appears to be an internal Blizzard document. The screencap describes Sombra as one of the world’s best hackers who lost everything in the Omnic Crisis. She also has ties to the Mexican gang Los Muertos.


There is also some text describing a new brawl that seems Halloween related. Players will protect the castle doors from the Zomnics and Dr Junkenstein’s evil allies.

Regardless of the leaked screencap, the Overwatch community has pegged Sombra’s unveiling on October 18, if their prediction of this percentage counter‘s movement is correct.

A holiday event? I love them. Wow, remember when Dota 2 used to do those?

Source: PC Gamer

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