Video: GTA VR – starring Trevor


No, there’s no official VR-based Grand Theft Auto game on the horizon, but that doesn’t stop people from making videos about it. Which is exactly what the guys from Corridor Digital did. It is a live action comedy short, and it stars non other than Steven Ogg, the same dude that voiced Trevor Philips so brilliantly.

The video takes an ordinary dude into the digital world of GTA, and who better to give a guided tour than the deranged maniac, Trevor? The video has some really good production value to it, and mocks a lot about the game, including the modders and GTA Online.

WARNING: The video is quite violent and has a lot of swearing, which goes without saying:

If you like this, be sure to check out Corridor‘s YouTube channel, as they produce quite a bit of these videos.

Source: Kotaku

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