Video: Miguel confirmed for Tekken 7


Miguel might not be quite as brutal as Bryan Fury, but he’s definitely not a happy chappy. The angry Spaniard will return to Tekken 7 where he’ll put his unique fighting style to the test once again. Things have not changed much in Miguel’s world as he’s still after revenge to find the person who killed his sister.

Unlike some of the other fighters, who come with elegant styles, his fighting style is quite rough around the edges. He might look a little wild when performing some of these moves, but make no mistake, it’s highly effective. He’s got some of the most lethal punches of any fighter in the game and will kick you when you’re down. Get in the way of this guy and he’s going to punish you.

The good news for fans of the character is that he’ll be returning to Tekken 7. Here is his announcement video:

There is still no release date confirmed for Tekken 7, but it’s expected to head to PC, PS4 and Xbox One early 2017.

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