Bigger is better? You can pre-load Infinite Warfare Beta today!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

It’s First-Person Shooter heaven at the minute with all the Overwatch action, Battlefield 1 betas and early access, Titanfall 2, and of course Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Regarding Call of Duty, the good news is that from today you will be able to start pre-loading the beta onto your PS4, if you want to.

According to the time conversion, you should be able to start downloading tonight at 20:00 so set those alarms. For those wondering, the beta comes in at a whopping 19Gb, so make sure you have space available and tell everyone to get off your internet so it can be ready for play tomorrow at the same time.

As always there are polarised thoughts around the latest CoD but we all know that the hardcore fans will be playing it no questions asked. Personally, I cannot wait for the single player, but as always I will join in on the multiplayer to help someone with their K/D ratio.

Are you getting the beta?

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