Valve to add native DualShock 4 controller support to Steam


Are you lost without your DualShock 4? It is a pretty nice controller and the team over at Valve like it too, so they are adding in DualShock 4 controller support to Steam.

It turns out that the Steam Controller API sees a PS4 controller in pretty much the same way as a Steam Controller. Until now third-party applications like Joy2Key and DS4Windows have been used to make the DualShock 4 work on PC, either by fooling the machine into thinking your controller is a keyboard, or an Xbox 360 controller.

Valve’s Jeff Bellinghausen said the DS4 has “a lot of overlapping functionality with the Steam Controller,” like the gamepad’s gyro and touchpad features.

This will make for much more reliable support and the ability to tweak your controller’s buttons from inside a Steam game, rather than tabbing out to make changes to your emulator. It is about time. I can’t wait to use the trackpad as a mouse in games that have large maps. Also I could use some wireless support, being attached to my PC by the shortest USB cable every really gets old.

Bellinghausen said that other controllers will get support in the future.

Source: Polygon

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