Burning Question: Can you still pull all-nighters?


In my youth, I was capable of some extraordinary feats. Some of these included partying to the early hours of the morning and getting up early for work without issues, or drinking beer incredibly fast without any repercussions. Another feat I was capable of was playing games until the sun came up.

I’ve had instances where I would start playing a game at about 7pm, to only realise the time when I got up for a bathroom break and heard the birds singing outside. It was insane, and what was really scary was that I did it very often back in the day. Things got even worse when we had LAN parties in my parents garage, where we would play Half-Life, Counter Strike and Red Alert against each other for 14 hours straight.

You can say what you want about the topic, but playing games for such an insane amount of hours on end can’t be healthy. These days I have a 1am cap, after that I can feel myself falling asleep while playing, which really doesn’t work when playing online with a couple of friends.

So the burning question is: Youth, do you still pull all-nighters? And, keeping our older ballies readers in mind; Can you still make it through the night playing games? I sure as hell know I can’t.

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