Lewis Hamilton set to appear in his next video game… CoD: Infinite Warfare?


Yes, we’re referring to Lewis Hamilton the F1 driver who you might have played as in F1 2016 (or just about any F1 game in the last decade). Now it’s come to light that Lewis Hamilton will appear in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. His appearance won’t be as important as other previous big name talents who signed up to lend their voices to the franchise, such as Kevin Spacey or, this years, Kit Harington, but he’ll still provide a cameo that F1 fans will find rather interesting.

According to ESPN, who dug up the information, Lewis will be heard saying these lines in 6 scenes he’s worked on,Β “Captain, news reports coming on about the gateway if you want to join us” and,Β “I’m right behind you!”.

So how does Lewis Hamilton feel about this all? Here is what he had to say:

[quote]I remember growing up with Super Mario, where the graphics were outdated at the time, but that’s how it was back in the day. It’s crazy to see how far it has come – it’s insane. I loved it, it was an incredible experience. I’m incredibly honoured to be part of this game — I grew up playing it.[/quote]

He also tweeted the following:

Yeah, we don’t think he’s much of a gamer and this kind of thing shows why he’s having trouble getting a grasp on the drivers championship this year. Perhaps he should focus more on his driving and less on his voice acting? What do you guys think?

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