SNOW will launch its Beta on 25 October


When I saw the trailer for SNOW I actually thought I was looking at a new video for Ubisoft’s Steep. I wasn’t of course, as I realised that SNOW is actually a new game that just looks very similar. It’s an open world with snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiles… which is slightly different I guess, but you know, borderline. It also appears that it was announced a while back so the question of ‘who borrowed from who’ is up for discussion. This one is, at least, free-to-play.

Anyway, the below trailer shows off some of the footage and also reveals that the beta is launching on 25 October on PS4. If you join the beta you will also get an exclusive Founder’s Pack containing some fancy skins for your character and apparel, oh and a gold Snowmobile, yay?

I am not entirely sure what to make of SNOW, but I will definitely be signing up for the beta to check it out. Check the trailer below and let us know if you will giving it a try.

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