Titanfall 2 to include PS4 Pro support on the Disc


With the PS4 Pro launching soon everyone is wondering how games already in development will manage the upgrade to support the new console. It’s already been revealed that released games will be patched, which makes complete sense.

At the same time there is a concern that the massive day one patches we tend to get will be even bigger now if the support needs to be included through that channel for newly released games. It seems as though that might not always be the case thankfully.

It was mentioned on twitter that support for the PS4 Pro will actually be included on the Titanfall 2 disc.

That’s quite a cool little surprise knowing that it will be included off the bat rather than have to be patched in. That’s not to say there won’t be a Titanfall 2 day one patch (allegedly around the 100mb mark, which is tiny). For those purchasing the Pro, this will come as good news as it means that developers are already on-board the Pro support train.

Are you picking up Titanfall 2? How about the PS4 Pro? Does on-disc support make you happy in all the right places? Let us know!

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