Titanfall 2’s day one patch is absolutely massive… not really


If you’re on dial-up. Hey mom, look, I can also do clickbait.

Day one patches have been a thorn in the side of many gamers. You get your shiny new game, you’re roaring to start playing and then bam, you have to download 15 GB before you can properly play it. It’s mostly the cause of developers either running out of time or going gold before the game is properly finished. During the last generation, when a patch was over 1 GB then something went catastrophically wrong somewhere. These days that same amount is seen as quaint.

Titanfall 2聽is surprising us all with a day one patch that is a tiny 88 MB. That’s the same amount of data I use to browse dank memes on Twitter in an hour. It’s so small that it feels almost worrying. Like there’s something wrong somewhere that they are not telling us. On the other hand, it can also mean that they have such confidence in their finished game that it doesn’t need a massive patch from the getgo. Nonetheless, our internet lines are happy for the news.

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