Voice Actor Tuesday – Robert Clotworthy


Robert Clotworthy is another of those voice actors who hasn’t been in very many games, but has had one iconic role that makes him instantly recognisable to fans of that game. As the voice of Jim Raynor since the original 1998 Starcraft game, Clotworthy has brought life to one of the central characters in the Starcraft franchise. he returned to voice Raynor in Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm.

That’s not his only video game role, though it is certainly his most well-known. Clotworthy also voiced Marshall Law in Tekken 5, Reed Richards in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Albatross in 2010’s Alpha Protocol, and most recently as Jack Ryder in Batman: The Telltale Series. His name is also listed for games such as Mafia III, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Xenoblade Chronicles X, TERA, The Darkness game, several Need for Speed games and more.

Clotworthy has also had numerous roles in film and television. He has done voice work for The Curse of Oak Island, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and, apparently, he was the voice of Nick Fury’s car in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to name but a few.

Jim Raynor

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