Beware GTA Online cheaters, Rockstar is coming for you


I was a giant fan of GTA Online when it first released. A sprawling open-world filled with possibilities, adventures and an evolving landscape. It’s definitely one of the more ambitious multiplayer offerings out there and the fact that it is still around and relevant today is a testament to its quality. However, something drove me away from GTA Online: cheaters.

People were using glitches and exploits to gain a monstrous amount of in-game money and the game felt pointless to play for a long while. Players in the open-world would mow you down with their own personal tanks and everyone had ludicrously expensive cars that were tuned to the maximum. It took all of the spirit out of the experience. Nobody wanted to play missions because there just was no point and you always felt inferior if you were not cheating your way to success.

But now Rockstar are taking no prisoners. They have recently updated their banning policy for GTA Online and it is pretty strict. If any player is caught exploiting the game, they will immediately receive a suspension. The suspension involves the complete stripping of the player’s resources including money, property, progress and so on. If any further offence is detected, it will result in a permanent ban.

When I say “no prisoners” I mean it. Whether your account is suspended or banned, it cannot be disputed. So if there was maybe a problem in the cheat detection or something unfair happened, tough cookies. It will be interesting to see if this policy change will affect the GTA Online landscape in a meaningful way.

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