The Burning Question: Are you ready to make the SWITCH?

The Burning Question

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has come to pass. Nintendo has finally announced its next generation video game console, lets say hello to the Nintendo SWITCH. The question is, as excited as we all are, has this reveal left you with even more questions about this home and portable hybrid?

What do we know thus far. Well we know that this tablet known as the Nintendo SWITCH will have detachable controllers which are known as Joy-cons. We know that the tablet will also be able to support multiple players on one console…on the go! Alas it has also been confirmed recently that the device will unfortunately not be compatible with physical software from the WiiU or 3DS, however no confirmation was given as to whether the device will be able to support digital content from it’s predecessors, so that’s something to look forward to for those who never really had the opportunity to purchase the WiiU or 3DS. It has also been confirmed that unlike the WiiU this device will be solely a single screen experience, Nintendo has made sure of this since the tablet’s screen is covered completely when docked but then this contradicts the notion of the device being able to support WiiU and 3DS titles digitally as some titles require dual screens…although not all.

Nintendo Switch

There are tons of other rumors going back and forth across the world wide web as it usually does with any major hardware release and its announcement. What kind of battery life will the device have, will it play in 720p or 1080p definition, what launch titles do you think will release alongside it, will there be amiibo support (look at the image above captured from the trailer), what are you’re expectations on its price, and my favorite of all is, since the controllers can detach, do you think that there may be additional peripherals for the device. I have asked a few of these questions myself since the devices announcement last week, however I can openly admit that no matter what the answers might reveal, I am already completely sold and prepared to make that SWITCH. The burning question is, are you?

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