Player discovers creepy mystery under the sea in GTA V

Trevor Holmes

I’m the type of person who loves discovering hidden treasures and Easter eggs in games. Things like The Ark of the Covenant in Tomb Raider, I found in Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Turkey Puncher in the 2016 version of DOOM. Some publishers have a reason for including them that is often a tribute to the series or franchise, others are just for the fans and because they can and to satisfy people like myself.

In GTA V though, a player came across something that’s a bit of a mystery. ItsTinyTroll as he is known, seems to have a knack for stumbling upon secrets hidden within the chaotic sandbox game. His first was finding a crying baby while passing by an empty (haunted) house (he must have some bloody good headphones) which is, in the world of GTA, not THE strangest thing you can come across. Seeing as it’s Halloween season, it’s quite fitting. The next one though wasn’t in a house, or a dumpster, or in a propaganda poster. This was a few leagues under the sea. Naturally, he video documented the find as well as provided a map reference for the exact location.

He’s still trying to piece together the whole murder mystery and whether the previous finds are linked. Others suggest it may be part of an old murder mystery story, but nothing has been set in stone.

This is apparently a discovery many GTA V player have missed and I personally would like to see where this leads.

Share some of your own Easter Egg finds and let’s see if we can discover a Sherlock among us.


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