BlizzCon 2016: Sombra finally reveals herself by hacking into opening ceremony


BlizzCon 2016’s opening ceremony was hacked into and finally, finally revealed Sombra for Overwatch. We have been waiting a long time to see the elusive hacker, who has had countdown clocks and ARGs for so long that it was a blessing to finally have her revealed.

Sombra is going to change things up in Overwatch by being disruptive. She is the first character equipped with stealth in the game and it isn’t like Nova’s stealth that you can see a slight shimmer as she moves around you. This is 100% invisibility, giving players freedom to move around and flank the opposition. Man Sombra players are going to wreck me. Boop.

Here is her Origin story which adds depth to this enigmatic character. Whose side is she on, or is she just on Sombra’s side?

Blizzard also said it learnt a lot while doing Sombra’s ARG. Hopefully this means that this is the last countdown that we see, is that was the most annoying thing in the reveal. A countdown with a tiny amount of information, followed by another countdown and repeat. Rachel Day, a FX artist on the Overwatch team said they wanted something special for Sombra.

[quote]She’s a hacker character, she’s very intelligent, very confident and we wanted to have a way to reveal her that was unique to her. So we came up with this ARG and had a lot of fun interacting with the community along the way. There were all these forums and people jumping on to try and figure out the puzzles. It went off bigger than I think we imagined it would.

If we were to do it in the future we would make some changes perhaps, but it was a really cool experience to interact with the community and see the community actually come together.[/quote]

Disclaimer: Thank you to Megarom and Blizzard Entertainment for a Virtual Ticket for coverage of BlizzCon 2016.

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