BlizzCon 2016: StarCraft II is getting more missions and a new co-op commander


One of my most favourite modes in StarCraft II, co-op, is getting a new commander and finally Alexei Stukov is emerging from the shadows with his infested army. Get ready to unleash the horde and overrun your foes with infested monstrosities.

The third and final set of Nova missions will be released on 22 November, letting us see the end of an arc of extra missions added into the game to enrich the story and keep us playing more single player versus AI.

Mostly I am excited to play as Stukov again. I better rope a few friends into grinding levels of co-op commanders with me.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Megarom and Blizzard Entertainment for a Virtual Ticket for coverage of BlizzCon 2016.

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